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Commentaries for John Chapter 13

Jesus Meets Privately with His Disciples Prior to His Crucifixion

The third section of John's Gospel, which follows the prologue (1:1-18) and the account of Jesus' public ministry (1:19--12:50), is characterized by Jesus' being alone with his disciples before his betrayal and arrest...
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Jesus Washes His Disciples' Feet

The opening verse of chapter 13 sets the scene for the whole of chapters 13--17...
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Jesus Predicts His Betrayal

The betrayal is all the more horrendous coming after the footwashing in which the depth of Jesus' divine love is revealed...
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Jesus Introduces Major Themes of His Farewell Discourse

Jesus now begins what is commonly called his "farewell discourse" (13:31--17:26)...
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Jesus Predicts Peter's Denial and Speaks of His Own Departure

Having heard all the profound things that Jesus has just said, Peter zeros in on that which is clearest and most disturbing, Jesus' coming departure...
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