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Commentaries for John Chapter 12

Jesus Enters Jerusalem as King of Israel

The scene now shifts from a private setting to a public setting...
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Jesus' Hour Arrives

Some Greeks now come to see Jesus, signaling to him that his long awaited hour has arrived (vv...
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John Concludes the Revelation of Jesus' Ministry

John brings his account of Jesus' public ministry to a close by showing how the unbelief Jesus has met is a fulfillment of Scripture (12:37-43)...
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John Reflects on the Tragedy of Unbelief

John summarizes the unbelief of Jesus' fellow Jews in words that express how tragic and inexcusable is this rejection by "his own" (1:11): Even after Jesus had done all these miraculous signs in their presence, they still would not believe in him (v...
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Jesus Gives a Final Summarizing Pronouncement

Now that the public ministry is complete and John has reflected on the rejection Jesus has met, a final statement from Jesus is given...
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