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Commentaries for 1 Kings Chapter 18

Elijah sends Ahab notice of his coming.

The severest judgments, of themselves, will not humble or change the hearts of sinners; nothing, except the blood of Jesus Christ, can atone for the guilt of sin; nothing, except the sanctifying Spirit of God, can purge away its pollution...
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Elijah meets Ahab.

One may guess how people stand affected to God, by observing how they stand affected to his people and ministers...
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Elijah's trial of the false prophets.

Many of the people wavered in their judgment, and varied in their practice...
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Elijah, by prayer, obtains rain.

Israel, being so far reformed as to acknowledge the Lord to be God, and to consent to the execution of Baal's prophets, was so far accepted, that God poured out blessing upon the land...
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