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Commentaries for Exodus Chapter 12

The beginning of the year changed, The passover instituted.

The Lord makes all things new to those whom he delivers from the bondage of Satan, and takes to himself to be his people...
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The people instructed how to observe the passover.

That night, when the first-born were to be destroyed, no Israelite must stir out of doors till called to march out of Egypt...
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The death of the first-born of the Egyptians, The Israelites urged to leave the land of Egypt.

The Egyptians had been for three days and nights kept in anxiety and horror by the darkness; now their rest is broken by a far more terrible calamity...
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The Israelites' first journey to Succoth.

The children of Israel set forward without delay...
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Ordinance respecting the passover.

In times to come, all the congregation of Israel must keep the passover...
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