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Commentaries for Genesis Chapter 31

Jacob departs secretly.

The affairs of these families are related very minutely, while (what are called) the great events of states and kingdoms at that period, are not mentioned...
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Laban pursues Jacob.

God can put a bridle in the mouth of wicked men, to restrain their malice, though he do not change their hearts...
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Jacob's complaint of Laban's conduct.

If Jacob were willingly consumed with heat in the day, and frost by night, to become the son-in-law of Laban, what should we refuse to endure, to become the sons of God? Jacob speaks of God as the God of his father; he thought himself unworthy to be regarded, but was beloved for his father's sake...
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Their covenant at Galeed.

Laban could neither justify himself nor condemn Jacob, therefore desires to hear no more of that matter...
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