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Commentaries for Revelation Chapter 20

The Imprisonment of the Dragon, or Satan

The thousand-year interval is used in two connections in this passage: the imprisonment of Satan in the Abyss and his subsequent release (vv...
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The Millennium

Nine times out of ten, when people ask, "How do you interpret the book of Revelation?" what they mean is, "How do you interpret Revelation 20:1-10?" They want to know whether an approach is "premillennial," "amillennial" or "postmillennial," to use the jargon by which some evangelical institutions (and even individuals) define themselves...
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The Reign of the Martyrs

John's vision of the dragon's fate (Greek eidon, "I saw," v...
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The Release of Satan

Having seen the vindication of the martyrs, John now picks up where he left off in verse 3...
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From the Old Creation to the New

A crucial difference between biblical Christianity and all "new age" movements, including witchcraft (black or white) and paganism (ancient or modern) is that Christianity is not preoccupied with protecting "Mother Nature...
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The Judgment of the Old Creation

Mother Nature has taken a beating in the Revelation...
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The Judgment of the Dead

John goes on to describe a universal judgment on the dead, great and small (v...
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