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In this first chapter of the biblical text we have found the thrust of James's entire letter: calling upon Christians to live with moral urgency, serious holiness and unconditional obedience to the word of God...
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Called to Joy

My friends Jim and Marie had devoted themselves to building what they had: a good income, a home in the country and two fine sons now grown into young men...
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James's Greeting

James introduces himself first as one such servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ...
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When I was a non-Christian college student, the loving acceptance of Christian students in an InterVarsity chapter helped me to begin a serious investigation into the Christian faith...
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Temptations and Good Gifts

In the very midst of a trial, when I am feeling fear and sorrow and pain, if I am asked by a friend, "What danger or threat is there in your life now, that I may pray for you?" I would probably answer, "Pray for the deadly disease to be healed, or for my financial needs to be met, or for the people to stop doing the things that are injuring me...
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Be Quick to Listen

Typically for James's literary style, he presents his instructions through pairs of complementary or contrasting ideas...
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The Righteous Life That God Desires

When King David faced his times of most intense persecution and danger, he frequently prayed a rather impressive request...
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Do What the Word Says

It would be natural for James, as a Jew, to refer to the Old Testament Scriptures as "the word," since this is a designation found within the Old Testament itself...
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Practice Pure Religion

James now supplies examples of this life of active obedience...
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