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Commentaries for Titus Chapter 3

The Church in the World

Biblical Christians are by definition in a predicament...
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Christian Living in the World

Christian conduct outside of the church is to be sensitive in two directions, to government authorities (v...
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The Basis for Christian Living in the World

In this passage Paul lays down a foundation for leading a life in the world that is demonstrably different from that of unbelievers...
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The Motive of Christian Living in the World

While many versions of the Bible view verse 8, with its "faithful saying" formula, as beginning a new paragraph, it is important to see its relation to the preceding teaching...
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Final Instructions and Greetings to Titus

This letter draws to a conclusion in much the same way as it began...
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Confronting the False Teachers

The somber tone of these verses reflects the gravity of the situation that Titus faced in the Cretan churches...
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Closing Personal Notes

In the closing verses of the letter, Paul instructs his assistant concerning transfer of personnel and related logistics, and sends greetings and a blessing...
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