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Commentaries for Matthew Chapter 9

Jesus' Authority to Forgive Sins

Jesus' authority to heal the body testifies to his authority to forgive (9:6-7; compare 9:12)...
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Sinners Need a Physician

Whereas the preceding narrative introduces the notion that forgiveness is a primary focus of Jesus' mission (v...
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A Time for Everything

Some religious people were disturbed that Jesus would eat with sinners (Mt 9:11); in a manner of speaking, others were disturbed that he ate at all (9:14)...
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Jesus' Authority over Disabilities and Disciples

As in the previous two sections (8:1-22; 8:23-9:17), Matthew begins with three accounts of Jesus' authority in nature (9:18-34) and then articulates Jesus' authority over disciples (9:35-38)...
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Embracing Our Brokenness

When Jesus allows an impure woman to touch him and touches the hand of a corpse, he contracts ritual impurity under the law (Lev 15:19-33; Num 19:11-12)...
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Astonishing Cures for Disabilities

Matthew here reports some more incidents reflecting Jesus' authority to heal...
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More Laborers for the Harvest

Matthew adds a summary statement similar to 4:23-25, making clear that the incidents he has reported are merely some prominent examples of Jesus' many works and teachings...
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