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The Other Response to Betrayal

Like Peter, Judas is guilty of apostasy, but unlike that of Peter, Judas's was premeditated...
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Politics Versus Justice

Even skeptics should admit that Jesus undoubtedly appeared before Pilate; only the governor could order him crucified, and this required a prior hearing...
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The Crucifixion and Burial

The rest of the passion narrative merely carries through the expected plan set in motion by the events in the earlier part of the Gospel: Jesus' refugee status in childhood, the way his teachings infuriated the religious establishment, and his deliberate provocation of the rulers of the temple...
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The World Ridicules God's Son

One cannot doubt historically that Jesus was crucified by the Romans; Christians would hardly have invented the execution, and certainly not Roman execution, and never Roman execution on the charge of high treason (the claim to be king of the Jews)! Worshiping one crucified for treason would have painted all Christians as seditious and hence directly invited repression from the Roman authorities...
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Signs at Jesus' Death

As Jesus dies broken, his Father vindicates him with signs in nature--signs that only Jesus' pagan executioners are shown to understand...
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Guardians of Jesus' Body

The identity of the actors in this narrative is significant...
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