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Commentaries for Matthew Chapter 22

Scorning the King's Son

Those who dishonor the Son shame and dishonor the Father who sent him...
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Caesar or God

Devotion to God demands a higher allegiance to him than to anything else, but it is not an excuse to avoid our other responsibilities that do not conflict with it...
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Proving the Resurrection

This story line would make some sense in a variety of cultures...
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Love God and Neighbor

"Testing" scholars with riddles-and God's vindication of the divine wisdom given to his servant-is at least as old as King Solomon (1 Kings 10:1; elsewhere, for example, Ep...
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David's Son, David's Lord

How can Jesus be David's Lord yet at the same time David's son, younger in age yet superior in rank (Moule 1965:99)? Jewish teachers often asked didactic questions that functioned as "haggadic antinomy," in which both sides of a question were correct but their relationship needed to be resolved (Jeremias 1971:259)...
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