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Commentaries for Matthew Chapter 16

The Son Revealed-to Some

Jesus' opponents prove too blind to recognize the signs he has already offered them (16:1-4), and even his own disciples are slow to understand (16:5-12)...
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Jesus' Opponents Seek a Sign

This passage offers some significant lessons, both for Matthew's first audience and for us today...
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Religious Cancer and Doubting Disciples

If Jesus' opponents were active in their unbelief (vv...
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God's Plan Established on Christ

The religious elite repudiated Jesus (vv...
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The Cost of the Kingdom

It is not enough to confess that Jesus is Messiah (16:16) if we do not understand that his messiahship involves suffering and death (vv...
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The Son of Man's Glory

Had the disciples any doubt that Jesus would someday come to reign in glory (16:27), he promises them a proleptic vision of his glory in the present (16:28)...
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