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Matthew explains the ethics of the kingdom (Mt 5-7), relationships in the kingdom (13), and the presence (13) and future (23-25) of the kingdom; but he does so to disciples whom he expects to further propagate the message of the kingdom (10)...
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Jesus Commissions His Agents

This passage carries on the narrative introduction to Jesus' mission discourse that began in 9:35...
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Authorizing Others to Heal

The number of disciples signifies a mission to Israel...
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The First Missionaries

For effectiveness in reaching Israel, Jesus naturally limited his disciples to free male Jews; perhaps due to the pool of available disciples, he also seems to have selected mainly Galileans...
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The Mission of Jesus' Agents

Jesus' instructions here show that the disciples would carry on most aspects of his mission (9:35-38)...
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Persecution Is Promised

Matthew's inclusion of material concerning persecution (compare Mk 13:9-13) in his discourse on the kingdom mission indicates his view that persecution and proclamation are inseparable (see likewise Acts or Paul's letters, such as Paul's defense of his apostleship in 2 Cor 11:23-33)...
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Opposition and Empowerment

Jesus sends his disciples (v...
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Divided Families

! Jesus promises opposition so severe that it will divide even families...
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Opposition Within Israel

Even in Jewish Palestine, persecution would be so intense that disciples would have no secure refuge until Jesus' return...
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Encouragement for the Persecuted

Too often we try to encourage people by hoping that sufferings will not come...
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Jesus Matters More Than Anything

The demands of the kingdom are so offensive to a world already convinced of its rightness that they provoke that world's hostility...
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Embracing Christ's Agents

The person who relinquishes the right to his or her own life (10:38-39) becomes a representative of Jesus (10:40-42; compare 18:5; Mk 9:37; Lk 10:16; Jn 13:20), and one must receive a herald or ambassador in the same way one would receive the one who sent him (for the principle applied to an apostle, compare 2 Cor 5:20-6:2, 11-13; 7:2-4)...
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