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Commentaries for Psalm Chapter 89

God's mercy and truth, and his covenant.

Though our expectations may be disappointed, yet God's promises are established in the heavens, in his eternal counsels; they are out of the reach of opposers in hell and earth...
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The glory and perfection of God.

The more God's works are known, the more they are admired...
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The happiness of those in communion with him.

Happy are those who so know the joyful sound of the gospel as to obey it; who experience its power upon their hearts, and bring forth the fruit of it in their lives...
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God's covenant with David, as a type of Christ.

The Lord anointed David with the holy oil, not only as an emblem of the graces and gifts he received, but as a type of Christ, the King Priest, and Prophet, anointed with the Holy Ghost without measure...
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A calamitous state lamented, Prayer for redress.

Sometimes it is not easy to reconcile God's providences with his promises, yet we are sure that God's works fulfil his word...
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