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Obedience to God's Commands

In The Cost of Discipleship, Dietrich Bonhoeffer penned the words, "Cheap grace is grace without discipleship, grace without the cross, grace without Jesus Christ, living and incarnate" (1959:47)...
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The Fundamental Command: Love One Another

To answer the question, What does God want of us? on John's terms, we also have to answer the question, What do we owe each other? Although response to God is a personal matter, it is not merely a private or internal matter...
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Encouragement to the Faithful

In some worship services, the congregation repeats the words of one of the creeds or confes sions of the church on a regular basis...
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Warnings Against Unfaithfulness

"In the world, but not of it"--this is a phrase commonly used to characterize the Christian's relationship to the world...
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Warnings Against Antichrists

Now and again a story ap pears in the news about the passing of counterfeit money...
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The Privileges of the Children of God

We come first to a section on the privileges of the children of God...
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Remembering Who We Are: The Children of God

One can hardly dispute that the ways in which Christians speak about their understanding of and relationship to God strike non-Christians as ludicrous at best and arrogant at worst...
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