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After completing Jesus' sermon, Matthew begins recounting signs reported in Mark and some other source(s) Matthew shares with Luke...
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Jesus' Authority over Sickness

Even the best of ancient historians were interested in the meaning of history, its moral, as well as its information; most biographers especially explored their characters as positive or negative examples...
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Jesus' Willingness to Heal

One could draw a number of lessons from this narrative...
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A Roman Exception

The Gentile mission was at most peripheral to Jesus' earthly ministry: he did not actively seek out Gentiles for ministry (Mt 10:5), and both occasions on which he heals Gentiles he does so from a distance (8:13; 15:28)...
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Jesus the Healer

Despite our claim to believe the Bible, we often reject those of its teachings that violate our traditions...
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Following Where Jesus Leads

The same Jesus who has authority over nature (Mt 8:23-27), demons (8:28-34) and paralysis (9:2-8) is the One whose authority we should acknowledge over our own lives...
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Jesus' Authority over Nature and Disciples

As in the preceding section (8:1-22), here Matthew recounts three signs of Jesus' authority over creation (8:23-9:8), then turns to Jesus' proper authority over humanity and our response to him (9:9-17)...
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Jesus' Authority over Nature

This passage affirms Jesus' authority over nature (8:26), and if over nature, then over any crisis his followers may face...
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Jesus' Authority over Demons

The setting builds suspense...
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