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Appropriate Judgment

The rest of the Sermon on the Mount does not fit into a tightly knit structure beyond the level of the individual paragraphs; some elements (such as 7:6) are actually difficult to fit into their context! This reminds us how important Jesus' teachings are to Matthew...
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Do Not Judge Others

Jesus declares that the person judging will be judged (v...
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Good Gifts Guaranteed

Although Matthew has already offered a longer section on prayer (6:5-15), he emphasizes prayer again here...
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The Narrow Way

Within this chapter, verses 1-12 fit together somewhat loosely, but the paragraphs in verses 13-27 make more sense together...
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Discern by Fruits, Not Gifts

True prophets obey Jesus' teachings...
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Obeying Jesus' Words

Another early Jewish teacher, while illustrating this point with many examples, went so far as to say that one who studies Torah and has good works "may be likened to" one who lays a foundation of stones and then of bricks, so that rising water or rain cannot overturn it...
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Epilogue: Jesus' Hearers Recognize His Authority

The crowds respond to Jesus' teaching as disciples and crowds often responded to his other acts: with awe (8:27; 9:8; 12:23; 22:33; compare Jn 7:46)...
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