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Ancient biographies could open with the subject's public vocation, as in Mark, but often began by rehearsing the background of the central character...
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History and the Mixed-Race Messiah

Matthew opens his Gospel by showing that Jesus is part of Israel's history-as well as part of God's plan for the mission to the Gentiles, a plan already implied in that history...
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Jesus Is Son of David and Son of Abraham

First Matthew calls Jesus son of David, a title of the rightful heir to Israel's throne (as in Jer 23:5; 33:15; Ps...
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Jesus Is the Goal and Climax of Israel's History.

As important as Jesus' familial background may have been, that was not quite what a reader who read the genealogy would emphasize (see 1:18-25)...
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Accounts of Jesus' Childhood

Matthew's accounts of Jesus' childhood set the stage for Jesus' ministry depicted in the rest of the Gospel, "defining his origin and goal" (Meier 1980:1-2)...
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When a Virgin Gave Birth

If the genealogy indicates that Joseph descended from King David, this narrative explains in what sense this son of David (1:20) became Jesus' legal father by adoption...
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