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All the Women of the Bible – Wife of Naaman
Wife of Naaman


2 Kings 5:2-4

While the captain of the host of the king of Syria who was honorable, had great influence with the king, and was a mighty man of valor is named—Naaman—his wife is unidentified. Naaman had been stricken with leprosy although the case was not so severe as to incapacitate him for his conspicuous military service. Such a condition must have caused his nameless wife much concern, and when her maid told her of the wonder-working prophet in Samaria who could cure her husband of his loathsome malady, eager to try anything that would relieve him she told him of what her maid had said. Evidently the testimony of the little Jewess sounded convincing, for when Naaman’s wife repeated it, and the king of Syria came to know of it, action was taken to contact Elisha. How fortunate a wife is when she has a faithful maid as Naaman’s wife had!