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All the Women of the Bible – Peter’s Mother-in-Law
Peter’s Mother-in-Law


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The gospels do not say whether Andrew, Peter’s brother was married, but evidently the brothers had a house in Bethsaida or Capernaum, probably their father’s legacy, and that this was the home the mother of Peter’s wife shared after the death of her husband. Mothers-in-law have been made the objects of ridicule, but in that ancient home there was a happy domestic relationship in which Peter loved his mother-in-law as well as he did her daughter. It was because of this fervent filial love permeating the families of Israel that all the relatives were concerned when fever brought Peter’s mother-in-law down to the door of death. Anxious about her, Peter told Jesus of her condition, and He went immediately to the house and, stretching out His hand, touched her and she was healed. The healing was by personal contact for Jesus took her by the hand—it was a rapid healing because she rose immediately—the reality of the healing was manifested in that she ministered unto all who were present as soon as she was healed. What she did as soon as she was cured suggests her love of hospitality and her habit of usefulness. Fully healed she went immediately to the kitchen and prepared a meal for her Healer and for all who had witnessed the miracle. Serving was such an essential part of her make-up that even in the thrilling, excited moment of her recovery she could not refrain from doing menial yet necessary tasks. This grateful mother-in-law loved and was loved, and found delight in caring for those who loved her—a fact the evangelists notice. “Anon they tell Him of her.” How foolish we are not to seek Jesus in hours of need! All He has for sorrow and suffering that may arise is ours for the asking.