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All the Women of the Bible – Judith


Scripture ReferenceGenesis 26:34

Name Meaning—The praised one

This daughter of Beeri the Hittite and one of the wives of Esau whom he married when he was forty years old, was a Hittite with a Semitic name. Esau was exactly the same age when he violated the Abrahamic principle of marrying an idolater (Genesis 24:3), as his father Isaac was, when sixty years before, he married Rebekah. By his act in taking both Judith and Bashemath, who were Hittites, as his wives, Esau caused his parents much bitterness of spirit or mingled anger and sorrow (Genesis 26:34; 36:2), and also forfeited his birthright. Judith is the feminine form of Judah. Wilkinson observes that “Judith as a pure Hebrew name is a feminine form of Jehudie, which as a proper name has the same sense as Judah, ‘praise’ or ‘one who is praised.’” Unsuccessful efforts have been made to identify Judith with Aholibamah spoken of as a wife of Esau (Genesis 36:2, 24, 25). As a female name Judith has ever been a popular one. There are over 250,000 girls and women in America alone who are known by this name. Judith is the heroine in the apocryphal book bearing her name.