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All the Women of the Bible – Jared’s Daughters
Jared’s Daughters


Genesis 5:18-20

It will be observed that after the wives of Lamech, who are both named (4:19-23), the wives of succeeding patriarchs down to Noah are not even mentioned. They shared the same anonymity as their daughters and some of their sons. Among Jared’s sons and daughters, was one son who, because of his spiritual excellencies, is referred to as “the seventh from Adam,” and as a prophet (Jude 14). Seven is the number of perfection, thus Enoch attained the highest rank among the patriarchs. Jared lived for 800 years after the birth of his godly son, and one wonders how far Jared influenced Enoch, and what his sisters and brothers thought of his unique life and of his translation, at 365 years of age, into heaven without tasting death.