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All the Women of the Bible – Claudia


Scripture Reference2 Timothy 4:21

Name Meaning—Lame

Tradition has more to say about this Roman Christian worker than the Bible. She can be included among the chief and honorable women of Gentile origin who heard and believed the Gospel. Doubtless she was a member of one of the great old houses in Rome. We find her associated with Paul and the other members of her church in sending Timothy Christian greetings. Several scholars suggest that Claudia was the wife of Pudens, with whom she is mentioned, and that Linus, who became bishop of Rome was their son. There is no warrant, however, for the assumption that Claudia might possibly have been Pilate’s wife, who was traditionally known as Claudia.

There is an interesting legend that affirms Claudia, as a British lady of high birth—the daughter of the British king, Cogidubnus. She was put under the patronage of Pomponia, wife of Aulus Plautius, conqueror of Britain and from this Christian learned the truths of the Gospel. Tacitus the Roman historian speaks of an inscription found in Chichester, England, declaring Claudia to be of British stock. All the Bible tells us of her is that she was among the devout women who greatly encouraged the Apostle Paul in his arduous labors for the Master he dearly loved.