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All the Men of the Bible – Ben-Hadad

Ben-Hadad [Bĕnhā'dăd]—son of the god hadah.

  1. Benhadad I, son of Tabrimon of Damascus. This king of Syria made a league with Asa, king of Judah, to invade Israel (1 Kings 15:18, 20; 2 Chron. 16:2, 4).
  2. Benhadad II, the son of No. 1 who was an able general and statesman and who reigned in the time of Ahab king of Israel. He was assassinated by the usurper Hazael (1 Kings 20; 2 Kings 6:24; 8:7, 9).
  3. Benhadad III, the son of Hazael who suffered heavy defeats from the Assyrians (2 Kings 13:2, 24, 25; Amos 1:4). The name is also the general title of the kings of Damascus (Jer. 49:27).