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Psalm 119:9-16

Young people can live
a clean life
    by obeying your word.
10 I worship you
    with all my heart.
    Don’t let me walk away
    from your commands.
11 I treasure your word
    above all else;
    it keeps me from sinning
    against you.
12 I praise you, Lord!
    Teach me your laws.
13 With my own mouth,
    I tell others the laws
    that you have spoken.
14 Obeying your instructions
brings as much happiness
    as being rich.
15 I will study your teachings
    and follow your footsteps.
16 I will take pleasure
in your laws
    and remember your words.

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Isaiah 43:8-13

The Lord Alone Is God

The Lord said:

Bring my people together.
They have eyes and ears,
    but they can’t see or hear.
Tell everyone of every nation
    to gather around.
None of them can honestly say,
    “We told you so!”
If someone heard them say this,
    then tell us about it now.

10 My people, you are my witnesses
    and my chosen servant.
I want you to know me,
to trust me,
and understand
    that I alone am God.
I have always been God;
    there can be no others.

11 I alone am the Lord;
    only I can rescue you.
12 I promised to save you,
    and I kept my promise.
You are my witnesses
that no other god did this.
    I, the Lord, have spoken.
13 I am God now and forever.
No one can snatch you from me
    or stand in my way.

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2 Corinthians 3:4-11

We are sure about all this. Christ makes us sure in the very presence of God. We don’t have the right to claim that we have done anything on our own. God gives us what it takes to do all that we do. He makes us worthy to be the servants of his new agreement that comes from the Holy Spirit and not from a written Law. After all, the Law brings death, but the Spirit brings life.

The Law of Moses brought only the promise of death, even though it was carved on stones and given in a wonderful way. Still the Law made Moses' face shine so brightly that the people of Israel could not look at it, even though it was a fading glory. So won’t the agreement that the Spirit brings to us be even more wonderful? If something that brings the death sentence is glorious, won’t something that makes us acceptable to God be even more glorious? 10 In fact, the new agreement is so wonderful that the Law is no longer glorious at all. 11 The Law was given with a glory that faded away. But the glory of the new agreement is much greater, because it will never fade away.

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