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How to use the Bible Gateway reading plans

Using a reading plan is simple. Just go to the daily reading page and read the daily Scripture passage displayed there. There are four different plans you can choose from, and each takes a different route through the Bible over the course of a year. (Read more about the four reading plans.) Select the reading plan you want and your preferred Bible version from the drop-down menu at the top of the page and press "Update" to refresh the page with your new reading plan settings.

If you miss a day (or want to read ahead), you can use the calendar in the top right to navigate forward or backward through your plan.

Via RSS or iCal
You can also subscribe to your reading plan via RSS by clicking on the RSS link on the right side of the page. The RSS feed there will reflect the reading plan and Bible version you have currently selected. If you use an iCal-compatible calendar, you can add your reading plan to your calendar by plugging the Calendar link on the right side of the page into your calendar program.

Other Questions
If you have other questions about the reading plans, see our FAQ.