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Isaiah 22-24; Galatians 2:17-3:9; Psalm 60; Proverbs 23:15-16 (GOD’S WORD Translation)

Isaiah 22-24

Judah Will Be Punished

22 This is the divine revelation about the valley of Vision.

What’s the matter with you?
Why do all of you go up on the roofs?
    You are a city filled with shouting,
        a town filled with noise and excitement.
    Your people weren’t killed with swords.
    Your dead didn’t die in battle.
All your leaders fled together
    and were captured without their bows and arrows.
All those who were found were taken prisoner
    before any of them could get far away.
That is why I say,
    “Turn away from me
        so that I can cry bitterly.
    Don’t try to comfort me
        because of the destruction brought on my people.”

The Almighty Lord of Armies has chosen a special day.
    It will be a day of confusion and trampling
        in the valley of Vision,
            a day of tearing down walls and crying for help
                in the mountains.
Elam takes its quiver of arrows,
    manned chariots, and horsemen.
Kir uncovers its shields.
    Then your fertile valleys will be filled with chariots,
        and horsemen will stand ready in front of the gate.
    On that day the Lord will remove the defenses of Judah.

You will look for weapons in the House of the Forest.[a]
You will see how many places in David’s wall are broken.
You will store water in the Lower Pool.
10 You will count the houses in Jerusalem.
You will tear down those houses in order to fortify the walls.
11 You will build a reservoir between the two walls
    to hold the water of the Old Pool.
        You didn’t look to Jerusalem’s maker.
        You didn’t see the one who formed it long ago.
12 On that day the Almighty Lord of Armies
    will call for crying and for mourning,
        for shaving your heads and for wearing sackcloth.
13 Instead, you will rejoice, celebrate,
    slaughter cattle, and butcher sheep.
You will eat meat, drink wine, and say,
    “Let’s eat and drink because tomorrow we’re going to die.”

14 The Lord of Armies revealed this to me: “Certainly, this wrong will not be forgiven even when you die,” says the Almighty Lord of Armies.

Shebna’s Position Will Be Given to Eliakim

15 This is what the Almighty Lord of Armies says:

Go to Shebna, the man in charge of the palace, and say to him,
16     “What are you doing here?
        What right do you have to dig a tomb for yourself?
        What right do you have to cut it out in a prominent place?
        What right do you have to carve out
            a resting place for yourself in the rock?
17 Look, mighty man!
    The Lord will throw you out.
        He will grab you.
18         He will wrap you up tightly like a turban.
        He will throw you far away into another land.
            There you will die.
            There your splendid chariots will remain.
            There you will become a disgrace to your master’s household.

19 “I will remove you from your office
    and do away with your position.
20 When that day comes, I will call my servant Eliakim, son of Hilkiah.
21 I will dress him in your linen robe
    and fasten it with your belt.
I will give him your authority,
    and he will be like a father to those who live in Jerusalem
        and to the nation of Judah.
22 I will place the key of the house of David around his neck.
    What he opens no one will shut.
    What he shuts no one will open.
23 I will fasten him firmly in place like a peg,
    and he will be a source of honor for his father’s household.
24 They will hang on him the whole weight of his father’s household,
    descendants and offspring and all the little utensils,
        from bowls to jars of every kind.”

25 The Lord of Armies declares,

“On that day the peg which I firmly fastened in place will be removed.
    It will be cut off and will fall,
        and everything hanging on it will be destroyed.”

The Lord has spoken.

Tyre Will Be Punished

This is the divine revelation about Tyre.

Cry loudly, you ships of Tarshish!
    Your port at Tyre is destroyed.
        Word has come to the ships from Cyprus.
Be silent, you inhabitants of the coastland, you merchants from Sidon.
    Your messengers have crossed the sea.
The grain of Shihor is on the Mediterranean.
    The harvest of the Nile River is brought to Tyre.
        Tyre became the marketplace for the nations.

Be ashamed, Sidon, because the stronghold by the sea has spoken,
    “I’ve never been in labor or given birth.
        I’ve raised no sons.
        I’ve brought up no daughters.”
When the news reaches Egypt,
    the Egyptians will shudder over the news about Tyre.

Travel to Tarshish!
Cry loudly, you inhabitants of the seacoast!
Is this your bustling city founded in the distant past?
Is this the city that sent its people to settle in distant lands?
Who planned such a thing against Tyre, the city that produced kings?
    Its merchants are princes.
        Its traders are among the honored people of the world.
The Lord of Armies planned this
    in order to dishonor all arrogant people
        and to humiliate all the honored people of the world.
10 Travel through your country like the Nile, people of Tarshish.
    You no longer have a harbor.
11 The Lord has stretched his hand over the sea to shake kingdoms.
    He has commanded that Canaan’s fortifications be destroyed.
12 He says, “You will no longer be joyful,
    my dear abused people Sidon.”
Get up, and travel to Cyprus.
    Even there you will find no rest.
13 Look at the land of the Babylonians.
    These people will be gone.
Assyria gave this land to the desert animals.
    Assyria set up battle towers,
        stripped palaces bare,
            and turned these places into ruins.

14 Cry loudly, you ships of Tarshish, because your fortress will be destroyed. 15 When that day comes, Tyre will be forgotten for 70 years, the lifetime of one king. At the end of the 70 years, Tyre will be like the prostitute in this song:

16 “Take your lyre.
    Go around in the city, you forgotten prostitute.
Make sweet music.
    Sing many songs so that you’ll be remembered.”

17 At the end of 70 years the Lord will come to help Tyre. Then she will go back to earning money as a prostitute. She will become a prostitute for all the world’s kingdoms. 18 Her profits and her earnings will be turned over to the Lord for his holy purpose. It won’t be stored or hoarded. Her merchandise will belong to those who live in the presence of the Lord so that they will have plenty of food and expensive clothing.

The Lord’s Great Triumph

    The Lord is going to turn the earth into a desolate wasteland.
He will mar the face of the earth and scatter the people living on it.
The same will happen to people and priests,
        male slaves and masters,
        female slaves and masters,
        buyers and sellers,
        lenders and borrowers,
        debtors and creditors.
The earth will be completely laid waste and stripped
    because the Lord has spoken.

The earth dries up and withers.
The world wastes away and withers.
The great leaders of the earth waste away.
The earth is polluted by those who live on it
    because they’ve disobeyed the Lord’s teachings,
        violated his laws,
            and rejected the everlasting promise.[b]
That is why a curse devours the earth,
    and its people are punished for their guilt.
That is why those who live on the earth are burned up,
    and only a few people are left.
New wine dries up, and grapevines waste away.
    All happy people groan.
Joyful tambourine music stops.
    Noisy celebrations cease.
        Joyful harp music stops.
People no longer drink wine when they sing.
    Liquor tastes bad to its drinkers.
10 The ruined city lies desolate.
    The entrance to every house is barred shut.
11         People in the streets call for wine.
All joy passes away,
    and the earth’s happiness is banished.
12 The city is left in ruins.
    Its gate is battered to pieces.

13 That is the way it will be on earth among the nations.
    They will be like an olive tree which has been shaken
        or like what’s left after the grape harvest.
14     They raise their voices.
        They shout for joy.
            From the sea they sing joyfully about the Lord’s majesty.
15 Honor the Lord in the east.
Honor the name of the Lord God of Israel along the coastlands.
16 From the ends of the earth we hear songs of praise
    that honor the Righteous One.

But I kept saying,
    “I’m wasting away! I’m wasting away!
        How horrible it is for me!
            Traitors continue to betray,
                and their treachery grows worse and worse.”
17 Disasters, pits, and traps
    are in store for those who live on earth.
18 Whoever flees from news of a disaster will fall into a pit.
Whoever climbs out of that pit will be caught in a trap.
The floodgates in the sky will be opened,
    and the foundations of the earth will shake.
19 The earth will be completely broken.
The earth will shake back and forth violently.
The earth will stagger.
20 The earth will stumble like a drunk
    and sway like a shack in the wind.
Its disobedience weighs heavy on it.
    It will fall and not get up again.

21 On that day the Lord will punish heaven’s armies in heaven
    and earth’s kings on earth.
22         They’ll be gathered like prisoners in a jail
            and locked in prison.
                After a long time they’ll be punished.
23         The moon will be embarrassed.
        The sun will be ashamed,
            because the Lord of Armies will rule
                on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem.
                    He will be glorious
                        in the presence of his respected leaders.


  1. Isaiah 22:8 “The House of the Forest” is a storehouse for weapons and other items. It was built by Solomon as part of the temple complex.
  2. Isaiah 24:5 Or “covenant.”
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Galatians 2:17-3:9

17 If we, the same people who are searching for God’s approval in Christ, are still sinners, does that mean that Christ encourages us to sin? That’s unthinkable! 18 If I rebuild something that I’ve torn down, I admit that I was wrong to tear it down. 19 When I tried to obey the laws in the Scriptures, those laws killed me. As a result, I live in a relationship with God. I have been crucified with Christ. 20 I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live I live by believing in God’s Son, who loved me and took the punishment for my sins. 21 I don’t reject God’s kindness.[a] If we receive God’s approval by obeying the laws in the Scriptures, then Christ’s death was pointless.

God Approves of Those Who Believe

You stupid people of Galatia! Who put you under an evil spell? Wasn’t Christ Jesus’ crucifixion clearly described to you? I want to learn only one thing from you. Did you receive the Spirit by your own efforts to follow the laws in the Scriptures or by believing what you heard? Are you that stupid? Did you begin in a spiritual way only to end up doing things in a human way? Did you suffer so much for nothing? I doubt that it was for nothing! Does God supply you with the Spirit and work miracles among you through your own efforts or through believing what you heard?

Abraham serves as an example. He believed God, and that faith was regarded as the basis of Abraham’s approval by God. You must understand that people who have faith are Abraham’s descendants. Scripture saw ahead of time that God would give his approval to non-Jewish people who have faith. So Scripture announced the Good News to Abraham ahead of time when it said, “Through you all the people of the world will be blessed.” So people who believe are blessed together with Abraham, the man of faith.


  1. Galatians 2:21 Or “grace.”
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Psalm 60

Psalm 60

For the choir director; according to shushan eduth;[a] a miktam by David; for teaching. When David fought Aram Naharaim and Aram Zobah, and when Joab came back and killed 12,000 men from Edom in the Dead Sea region.

O God, you have rejected us.
    You have broken down our defenses.
    You have been angry.
        Restore us!
You made the land quake.
You split it wide open.
    Heal the cracks in it
        because it is falling apart.
You have made your people experience hardships.
You have given us wine that makes us stagger.
Yet, you have raised a flag for those who fear you
    so that they can rally to it
        when attacked by bows and arrows. Selah
    Save us with your powerful hand, and answer us
        so that those who are dear to you may be rescued.[b]

God has promised the following through his holiness:
    “I will triumph!
        I will divide Shechem.
        I will measure the valley of Succoth.
        Gilead is mine.
        Manasseh is mine.
        Ephraim is the helmet on my head.
        Judah is my scepter.
        Moab is my washtub.
        I will throw my shoe over Edom.
        I will shout in triumph over Philistia.”

Who will bring me into the fortified city?
Who will lead me to Edom?
10     Isn’t it you, O God, who rejected us?
    Isn’t it you, O God, who refused to accompany our armies?

11 Give us help against the enemy
    because human assistance is worthless.
12         With God we will display great strength.
            He will trample our enemies.


  1. Psalm 60:1 Unknown musical term.
  2. Psalm 60:5 Verses 5–12 are virtually identical in wording to Psalm 108:6–13.
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Proverbs 23:15-16

15 My son,
    if you have a wise heart,
        my heart will rejoice as well.
16         My heart rejoices when you speak what is right.

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