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FEAR OF GOD » CONSPICUOUS INSTANCES OF THOSE WHO FEARED » The nine and one-half tribes of Israel west of the Jordan River (Joshua 22:15-20)
ISRAEL » Hoshea, nine years
ISRAEL, PROPHECIES CONCERNING » Amaziah, twenty-nine years
ISRAEL, PROPHECIES CONCERNING » Hezekiah, twenty-nine years
ISRAEL, PROPHECIES CONCERNING » CAPTIVITY OF » Nehemiah is commissioned to lead the remainder of the captivity, forty-nine thousand nine-hundred and forty-two go back to Canaan (Nehemiah 2;7:5-67; Psalms 85;;;)
ISRAEL, PROPHECIES CONCERNING » CAPTIVITY OF » One-tenth of the people, to be determined by lot, volunteer to live in Jerusalem, and the remaining ninety percent live in other cities (Nehemiah 11)
KEILAH » One of a group of nine cities in the southern part of Palestine allotted to Judah (Joshua 15:44)
LONGEVITY » INSTANCES OF » Adam, nine-hundred and thirty years (Genesis 5:5)
LONGEVITY » INSTANCES OF » Seth, nine-hundred and twelve years (Genesis 5:8)
LONGEVITY » INSTANCES OF » Enos, nine-hundred and five years (Genesis 5:11)
LONGEVITY » INSTANCES OF » Cainan, nine-hundred and ten years (Genesis 5:14)
LONGEVITY » INSTANCES OF » Mahalaleel, eight-hundred and ninety-five years (Genesis 5:17)
LONGEVITY » INSTANCES OF » Jared, nine-hundred and sixty-two years (Genesis 5:20)
LONGEVITY » INSTANCES OF » Methuselah, nine-hundred and sixty-nine years (Genesis 5:27)
LONGEVITY » INSTANCES OF » Noah, nine-hundred and fifty years (Genesis 9:29)
LONGEVITY » INSTANCES OF » Peleg, two-hundred and thirty-nine years (Genesis 11:18,19)
LONGEVITY » INSTANCES OF » Reu, two-hundred and thirty-nine years (Genesis 11:20,21)
LONGEVITY » INSTANCES OF » Eli, ninety-eight years (1 Samuel 4:15)
MEASURE » A mile, probably nine-tenths of an English mile (Matthew 5:41)
NOAH » Son of Lamech » Dies at the age of nine-hundred and fifty years (Genesis 9:28,29)
HABAKKUK » A prophet and poet who probably prophesied after the destruction of Nineveh (Habakkuk 1:1;3:1)
JONAH » Sent by God to warn the city of Nineveh (Jonah 1:1,2)

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