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AMUSEMENTS AND WORLDLY PLEASURES » Choke the word of God in the heart (Luke 8:14)
ARARAT » Assassins of Sennacherib take refuge in (Isaiah 37:38)
ARMENIA » Assassins of Sennacherib take refuge in (Isaiah 37:38)
CANAANITES » Isaac forbidden by Abraham to take a wife from (Genesis 28:1)
CANAANITES » The exile Jews take wives from (Ezra 9:2)
CHARACTER » OF THE WICKED » Uncircumcised in heart (Jeremiah 9:26)
COURAGE » INSTANCES OF PERSONAL BRAVERY » Nehemiah, in refusing to take refuge in the temple (Nehemiah 6:10-13)
FEAR OF GOD » CONSPICUOUS INSTANCES OF THOSE WHO FEARED » The midwives of Egypt, in refusing to take the lives of the Hebrew children (Exodus 1:17,21)
GOD » INSTANCES OF » In turning the heart of the king of Assyria to favor the Jews (Ezra 6:22)
JONATHAN » Son of Saul » Under Saul's curse pronounced against anyone who might take food before Saul was avenged of his enemies (1 Samuel 14:24-30,43)
JUDAH » Tribe of » Accused by the other tribes of stealing the heart of David (2 Samuel 19:41-43)
LEVITES » The remaining families appointed to take charge of the ark of the covenant, table, lampstand, altars, and vessels of the sanctuary, the hangings, and all the service (Numbers 3:27-32;4:2-15)
MILLSTONE » Figurative of a hard heart (Job 41:24)

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