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ANDREW » Reports the number of loaves at the feeding of the five thousand ( 1 John 6:8)
DAY » Sabbath day's journey, about two-thousand paces (Acts 1:12)
ELAM » A Jewish captive, whose descendants, to the number of One-thousand two-hundred and fifty-four returned from Babylon (Ezra 2:7;8:7; Nehemiah 7:12)
GOAT » Regulations of Mosaic law required that a baby goat should not be killed for food before it was eight days old (Leviticus 22:27)
HEMORRHAGE » A woman suffers for twelve years (Mark 5:25-29)
ISRAEL » Jeroboam, twenty-two years
ISRAEL » Nadab, about two years
ISRAEL » Baasha, twenty-four years
ISRAEL » Elah, two years
ISRAEL » Zimri, seven days
ISRAEL » Omri, twelve years
ISRAEL » Ahab, twenty-two years
ISRAEL » Ahaziah, two years
ISRAEL » Jehoram, twelve years
ISRAEL » Jehu, twenty-eight years
ISRAEL » Jehoahaz, seventeen years

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