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326 topical index results for “dug through the roof”

AMBASSADORS » Sennacherib through Rabshakeh to Hezekiah (2 Kings 19:9)
BIGOTRY » INSTANCES OF » Joshua, through envy, seeking to suppress Eldad and Medad, who were prophesying (Numbers 11:27-29)
COWARDICE » INSTANCES OF » Pilate, in condemning Jesus, through fear of the people ( John 19:12-16)
DIPLOMACY » INSTANCES OF » The Gibeonites, in securing a treaty with the Israelites through deception (Joshua 9:3-16)
EDOMITES » Refuse to the Israelites passage through their country (Numbers 20:18-21)
FAITH » INSTANCES OF FAITH IN CHRIST » Through the preaching of Jesus ( John 4:39-42)
FAITH » INSTANCES OF FAITH IN CHRIST » Through the preaching of Philip (Acts 8:9-12)
FAITH » INSTANCES OF FAITH IN CHRIST » The disciples, through the miracle at Cana of Galilee ( John 2:11)
ISRAEL » (Usually, in lists, the names of Levi and Joseph, » Are refused passage through the country of Edom (Numbers 20:14-21)
ISRAEL » HISTORY OF » Army of Syria invades Israel, but peacefully withdraws through the tact of the prophet Elisha (2 Kings 6:8-23)
JEHORAM » A priest commissioned to go through Israel and instruct the people in the law (2 Chronicles 17:8)
JESUS, THE CHRIST » HISTORY OF » Journeys to Jerusalem to attend the Feast of Tabernacles, passing through Samaria (Luke 9:51-62; John 7:2-11)
LYDIA » A woman of Thyatira, who with her household was converted through the preaching of Paul (Acts 16:14,15)
MIRACLES » CATALOGUE OF » Passage through the Red Sea (Exodus 14:22)
MOABITES » Descendants of Lot through his son Moab (Genesis 19:37)
MOABITES » Refuse passage of Jephthah's army through their territory (Judges 11:17,18)

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