And now says (A)the Lord, who formed Me from the womb to be His Servant,
To bring Jacob back to Him, so that (B)Israel might be gathered to Him
(For I am (C)honored in the sight of the Lord,
And My God is My (D)strength),
He says, “It is too [a]small a thing that You should be My Servant
To raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the (E)protected ones of Israel;
I will also make You a (F)light [b]of the nations
So that My salvation may [c]reach to the (G)end of the earth.”
This is what the Lord, the (H)Redeemer of Israel and its Holy One,
Says to the [d](I)despised One,
To the One abhorred by the nation,
To the Servant of rulers:
(J)Kings will see and arise,
Princes will also (K)bow down,
Because of the Lord who is faithful, the Holy One of Israel who has chosen You.”

This is what the Lord says:
“At a (L)favorable time I answered You,
And on a day of salvation I helped You;
And I will (M)watch over You and (N)make You a covenant of the people,
To [e](O)restore the land, to give as inheritances the deserted hereditary lands;

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  1. Isaiah 49:6 Lit light
  2. Isaiah 49:6 Or to
  3. Isaiah 49:6 Lit be
  4. Isaiah 49:7 Lit despised of soul
  5. Isaiah 49:8 Lit establish

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