Praise for Jerusalem’s Restoration and Prosperity.

147 [a]Praise [b]the Lord!
For (A)it is good to sing praises to our God;
For [c]it is pleasant and praise is [d](B)beautiful.
The Lord (C)builds up Jerusalem;
He (D)gathers the outcasts of Israel.
He heals the (E)brokenhearted
And (F)binds up their [e]wounds.
He (G)counts the number of the stars;
He [f](H)gives names to all of them.
(I)Great is our Lord and abundant in strength;
His (J)understanding is [g]infinite.
The Lord [h](K)supports the afflicted;
He brings the wicked down to the ground.

(L)Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving;
Sing praises to our God on the lyre;
It is He who (M)covers the heavens with clouds,
Who (N)provides rain for the earth,
Who (O)makes grass sprout on the mountains.
It is He who (P)gives an animal its food,
And feeds (Q)young ravens that cry.
10 He does not delight in [i]the strength of the (R)horse;
He (S)does not take pleasure in the [j]legs of a man.
11 The Lord (T)favors those who fear Him,
(U)Those who wait for His [k]faithfulness.

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  1. Psalm 147:1 Or Hallelujah!
  2. Psalm 147:1 Heb Yah
  3. Psalm 147:1 Or He is delightful
  4. Psalm 147:1 Or fitting
  5. Psalm 147:3 Lit pains
  6. Psalm 147:4 Or calls them all by their names
  7. Psalm 147:5 Lit innumerable
  8. Psalm 147:6 Or relieves
  9. Psalm 147:10 I.e., as a military asset
  10. Psalm 147:10 I.e., as a military asset
  11. Psalm 147:11 Or mercy

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