You, however, smear me with lies;(A)
    you are worthless physicians,(B) all of you!(C)
If only you would be altogether silent!(D)
    For you, that would be wisdom.(E)
Hear now my argument;
    listen to the pleas of my lips.(F)
Will you speak wickedly on God’s behalf?
    Will you speak deceitfully for him?(G)
Will you show him partiality?(H)
    Will you argue the case for God?
Would it turn out well if he examined you?(I)
    Could you deceive him as you might deceive a mortal?(J)
10 He would surely call you to account
    if you secretly showed partiality.(K)
11 Would not his splendor(L) terrify you?
    Would not the dread of him fall on you?(M)
12 Your maxims are proverbs of ashes;
    your defenses are defenses of clay.(N)

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