17 For I am about to fall,(A)
    and my pain(B) is ever with me.
18 I confess my iniquity;(C)
    I am troubled by my sin.
19 Many have become my enemies(D) without cause[a];
    those who hate me(E) without reason(F) are numerous.
20 Those who repay my good with evil(G)
    lodge accusations(H) against me,
    though I seek only to do what is good.

21 Lord, do not forsake me;(I)
    do not be far(J) from me, my God.
22 Come quickly(K) to help me,(L)
    my Lord and my Savior.(M)

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  1. Psalm 38:19 One Dead Sea Scrolls manuscript; Masoretic Text my vigorous enemies

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