15 What right has My (A)beloved in My house
When (B)she has carried out many evil schemes?
Can the sacrificial flesh take away from you your disaster,
[a]So that you can rejoice?”
16 The Lord named you
“A (C)green olive tree, beautiful in fruit and form”;
With the (D)noise of a great [b]tumult
He has (E)set fire to it,
And its branches are worthless.

17 The Lord of armies, who (F)planted you, has (G)pronounced evil against you because of the evil of the house of Israel and the house of Judah, which they have [c]done to provoke Me by [d](H)offering sacrifices to Baal.

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  1. Jeremiah 11:15 Lit Then
  2. Jeremiah 11:16 I.e., confused noise
  3. Jeremiah 11:17 Or done for themselves
  4. Jeremiah 11:17 Or burning incense

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