28 Be on guard for yourselves and for all (A)the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you [a]overseers, to shepherd (B)the church of God which (C)He [b]purchased [c]with His own blood. 29 I know that after my departure (D)savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing (E)the flock; 30 and from among your own selves men will arise, speaking perverse things to draw away (F)the disciples after them. 31 Therefore, be on the alert, remembering that night and day for a period of (G)three years I did not cease to admonish each one (H)with tears.

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  1. Acts 20:28 Or bishops
  2. Acts 20:28 Lit acquired
  3. Acts 20:28 Lit through

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