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49 And [behold] I am sending the promise of my Father[a] upon you; but stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high.”(A)

The Ascension.[b]

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  1. 24:49 The promise of my Father: i.e., the gift of the holy Spirit.
  2. 24:50–53 Luke brings his story about the time of Jesus to a close with the report of the ascension. He will also begin the story of the time of the church with a recounting of the ascension. In the gospel, Luke recounts the ascension of Jesus on Easter Sunday night, thereby closely associating it with the resurrection. In Acts 1:3, 9–11; 13:31 he historicizes the ascension by speaking of a forty-day period between the resurrection and the ascension. The Western text omits some phrases in Lk 24:51, 52 perhaps to avoid any chronological conflict with Acts 1 about the time of the ascension.