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(By David for the music leader. To be used when an offering is made.)

God Is Wonderful

Save me, Lord God!
    Hurry and help.
Disappoint and confuse
    all who want to kill me.
Turn away and disgrace
    all who want to hurt me.
Embarrass and shame those
    who say, “We told you so!”

Let your worshipers celebrate
    and be glad because of you.
They love your saving power,
so let them always say,
    “God is wonderful!”
I am poor and needy,
but you, the Lord God,
    care about me.

You are the one who saves me.
    Please hurry and help!

A Prayer for God's Protection

I run to you, Lord,
for protection.
    Don't disappoint me.
You do what is right,
    so come to my rescue.
Listen to my prayer
    and keep me safe.
Be my mighty rock,[a] the place
where I can always run
    for protection.
Save me by your command!
You are my mighty rock
    and my fortress.

Come and save me, Lord God,
from vicious and cruel
    and brutal enemies!
I depend on you,
and I have trusted you
    since I was young.
I have relied on you[b]
    from the day I was born.
You brought me safely
through birth,
    and I always praise you.

Many people think of me
    as something evil.
But you are my mighty protector,
and I praise and honor you
    all day long.
Don't throw me aside
    when I am old;
don't desert me
    when my strength is gone.
10 My enemies are plotting
    because they want me dead.
11 They say, “Now we'll catch you!
God has deserted you,
    and no one can save you.”
12 Come closer, God!
    Please hurry and help.
13 Embarrass and destroy
    all who want me dead;
disgrace and confuse
    all who want to hurt me.
14 I will never give up hope
    or stop praising you.
15 All day long I will tell
the wonderful things you do
    to save your people.
But you have done much more
    than I could possibly know.
16 I will praise you, Lord God,
for your mighty deeds
    and your power to save.

17 You have taught me
    since I was a child,
and I never stop telling about
    your marvelous deeds.
18 Don't leave me when I am old
    and my hair turns gray.
Let me tell future generations
    about your mighty power.
19 Your deeds of kindness
are known in the heavens.
    No one is like you!

20 You made me suffer a lot,
    but you will bring me
back from this deep pit
    and give me new life.
21 You will make me truly great
    and take my sorrow away.

22 I will praise you, God,
the Holy One of Israel.
    You are faithful.
I will play the harp
    and sing your praises.
23 You have rescued me!
    I will celebrate and shout,
singing praises to you
    with all my heart.
24 All day long I will announce
    your power to save.
I will tell how you disgraced
and disappointed those
    who wanted to hurt me.

(By Solomon.)

A Prayer for God To Guide and Help the King

Please help the king
to be honest and fair
    just like you, our God.
Let him be honest and fair
with all your people,
    especially the poor.
Let peace and justice rule
    every mountain and hill.
Let the king defend the poor,
rescue the homeless, and crush
    everyone who hurts them.
Let the king live[c] forever
    like the sun and the moon.
Let him be as helpful as rain
that refreshes the meadows
    and the ground.
Let the king be fair
    with everyone,
and let there be peace
until the moon
    falls from the sky.

(A) Let his kingdom reach
    from sea to sea,
from the Euphrates River
    across all the earth.
Force the desert tribes
    to accept his rule,
and make his enemies
    crawl in the dirt.
10 Force the rulers of Tarshish[d]
and of the islands
    to pay taxes to him.
Make the kings of Sheba
    and of Seba[e] bring gifts.
11 Make other rulers bow down
    and all nations serve him.

12 Do this because the king
rescues the homeless
    when they cry out,
and he helps everyone
    who is poor and in need.
13 The king has pity
on the weak and the helpless
    and protects those in need.
14 He cares when they hurt,
and he saves them from cruel
    and violent deaths.

15 Long live the king!
    Give him gold from Sheba.
Always pray for the king
    and praise him each day.
16 Let cities overflow with food
and hills be covered with grain,
    just like Mount Lebanon.
Let the people in the cities
    prosper like wild flowers.
17 May the glory of the king
shine brightly forever
    like the sun in the sky.
Let him make nations prosper
    and learn to praise him.

18 Lord God of Israel,
we praise you.
    Only you can work miracles.
19 We will always praise
    your glorious name.
Let your glory be seen
everywhere on earth.
    Amen and amen.

20 This ends the prayers
    of David, the son of Jesse.


(Psalms 73–89)

(A psalm by Asaph.)

God Is Good

God is truly good to Israel,[f]
especially to everyone
    with a pure heart.
But I almost stumbled and fell,
    because it made me jealous
to see proud and evil people
    and to watch them prosper.
They never have to suffer,[g]
    they stay healthy,
and they don't have troubles
    like everyone else.

Their pride is like a necklace,
and they commit sin more often
    than they dress themselves.
Their eyes bulge with fat,
and their minds are flooded
    with foolish thoughts.
They sneer and say cruel things,
and because of their pride,
    they make violent threats.
They dare to speak against God
    and to order others around.

10 God will bring his people back,
and they will drink the water
    he so freely gives.[h]

11 Only evil people would say,
“God Most High cannot
    know everything!”
12 Yet all goes well for them,
    and they live in peace.
13 What good did it do me
to keep my thoughts pure
    and refuse to do wrong?
14 I am sick all day,
and I am punished
    each morning.
15 If I had said evil things,
I would not have been loyal
    to your people.

16 It was hard for me
    to understand all this!
17 Then I went to your temple,
    and there I understood
what will happen
    to my enemies.
18 You will make them stumble,
    never to get up again.
19 They will be terrified,
suddenly swept away
    and no longer there.
20 They will disappear, Lord,
despised like a bad dream
    the morning after.

21 Once I was bitter
    and brokenhearted.
22 I was stupid and ignorant,
and I treated you
    as a wild animal would.
23 But I never really left you,
    and you hold my right hand.
24 Your advice has been my guide,
and later you will welcome me
    in glory.[i]
25 In heaven I have only you,
and on this earth
    you are all I want.
26 My body and mind may fail,
but you are my strength
    and my choice forever.

27 All-Powerful Lord God,
those who stay far from you
    will be lost,
and you will destroy those
    who are unfaithful.
28 It is good for me
    to be near you.
I choose you as my protector,
and I will tell about
    your wonderful deeds.


  1. 71.3 mighty rock: See the note at 18.2.
  2. 71.6 I … you: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
  3. 72.5 Let the king live: One ancient translation; Hebrew “Let them worship you.”
  4. 72.10 Tarshish: Possibly a city in Spain.
  5. 72.10 Sheba … Seba: Sheba may have been a place in what is now southwest Arabia, and Seba may have been in southern Arabia.
  6. 73.1 to Israel: Or “to those who do right.”
  7. 73.4 They … suffer: Or “They die a painless death.”
  8. 73.10 gives: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verse 10.
  9. 73.24 in glory: Or “with honor.”

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