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(By David.)

The Prayer of an Innocent Person

Show that I am right, Lord!
    I stay true to myself,
and I have trusted you
    without doubting.
Test my thoughts and find out
    what I am like.
I never forget your kindness,
and I am always faithful
    to you.[a]
I don't spend my time
with worthless liars
    or go with evil crowds.

I wash my hands, Lord,
    to show my innocence,
and I worship at your altar,
while gratefully singing
    about your wonders.
I love the temple
where you live, and where
    your glory shines.
Don't sweep me away,
    as you do sinners.
Don't punish me with death
as you do those people
    who are brutal
10     or full of meanness
    or who bribe others.
11 I stay true to myself.
    Be kind and rescue me.

12 Now I stand on solid ground!
And when your people meet,
    I will praise you, Lord.

(By David.)

A Prayer of Praise

You, Lord, are the light
    that keeps me safe.
I am not afraid of anyone.
You protect me,
    and I have no fears.
Brutal people may attack
and try to kill me,
    but they will stumble.
Fierce enemies may attack,
    but they will fall.
Armies may surround me,
    but I won't be afraid;
war may break out,
    but I will trust you.

I ask only one thing, Lord:
Let me live in your house
    every day of my life
to see how wonderful you are
    and to pray in your temple.

In times of trouble, Lord,
    you will protect me.
You will hide me in your tent
and keep me safe
    on top of a mighty rock.[b]
You will let me defeat
    all my enemies.
Then I will celebrate,
    as I enter your tent
with animal sacrifices
    and songs of praise.

Please listen when I pray!
    Have pity. Answer my prayer.
My heart tells me to pray.
I am eager to see your face,
    so don't hide from me.
I am your servant, Lord,
and you have helped me.
    Don't turn from me in anger.
You alone keep me safe.
    Don't reject or desert me.
10 Even if my father and mother
should desert me,
    you will take care of me.

11 Teach me to follow, Lord,
and lead me on the right path
    because of my enemies.
12 Don't let them do to me
    what they want.
People tell lies about me
    and make violent threats,
13 but I know I will live
    to see how kind you are.

14 Trust the Lord!
Be brave and strong
    and trust the Lord.

(By David.)

A Prayer for Help

Only you, Lord,
    are a mighty rock![c]
Don't refuse to help me
    when I pray.
If you don't answer me,
    I will soon be dead.
Please listen to my prayer
    and my cry for help,
as I lift my hands
    toward your holy temple.

Don't drag me away, Lord,
    with those cruel people,
who speak kind words,
    while planning trouble.
(A) Treat them as they deserve!
    Punish them for their sins.
They don't pay any attention
    to your wonderful deeds.
Now you will destroy them
    and leave them in ruin.

I praise you, Lord,
    for answering my prayers.
You are my strong shield,
    and I trust you completely.
You have helped me,
and I will celebrate
    and thank you in song.

You give strength
    to your people, Lord,
and you save and protect
    your chosen ones.
Come save us and bless us.
Be our shepherd and always
    carry us in your arms.

(A psalm by David.)

The Voice of the Lord in a Storm

(B) All you angels[d] in heaven,
honor the glory and power
    of the Lord!
Honor the wonderful name
    of the Lord,
and worship the Lord
    most holy and glorious.[e]

The voice of the Lord
    echoes over the oceans.
The glorious Lord God
thunders above the roar
    of the raging sea,
and his voice is mighty
    and marvelous.
The voice of the Lord
    destroys the cedar trees;
the Lord shatters cedars
    on Mount Lebanon.
God makes Mount Lebanon
    skip like a calf
and Mount Hermon
    jump like a wild ox.

The voice of the Lord
makes lightning flash
    and the desert tremble.
And because of the Lord,
the desert near Kadesh
    shivers and shakes.

The voice of the Lord
makes deer give birth
    before their time.[f]
Forests are stripped of leaves,
and the temple is filled
    with shouts of praise.

10 The Lord rules on his throne,
    king of the flood[g] forever.
11 Pray that our Lord
will make us strong
    and give us peace.

(A psalm by David for the dedication of the temple.)

A Prayer of Thanks

I will praise you, Lord!
    You saved me from the grave
and kept my enemies
    from celebrating my death.
I prayed to you, Lord God,
    and you healed me,
saving me from death
    and the grave.

Your faithful people, Lord,
will praise you with songs
    and honor your holy name.
Your anger lasts a little while,
but your kindness lasts
    for a lifetime.
At night we may cry,
but when morning comes
    we will celebrate.

I felt secure and thought,
    “I'll never be shaken!”
You, Lord, were my friend,
and you made me strong
    as a mighty mountain.
But when you hid your face,
    I was crushed.

I prayed to you, Lord,
    and in my prayer I said,
“What good will it do you
    if I am in the grave?
Once I have turned to dust,
    how can I praise you
or tell how loyal you are?
10     Have pity, Lord! Help!”

11 You have turned my sorrow
    into joyful dancing.
No longer am I sad
    and wearing sackcloth.[h]
12 I thank you from my heart,
    and I will never stop
singing your praises,
    my Lord and my God.

(A psalm by David for the music leader.)

A Prayer for Protection

I come to you, Lord,
for protection.
    Don't let me be ashamed.
Do as you have promised
    and rescue me.
Listen to my prayer
    and hurry to save me.
Be my mighty rock[i]
and the fortress
    where I am safe.

You, Lord God,
are my mighty rock
    and my fortress.
Lead me and guide me,
so that your name
    will be honored.
Protect me from hidden traps
    and keep me safe.
(C) You are faithful,
and I trust you
    because you rescued me.

I hate the worshipers
of worthless idols,
    but I trust you, Lord.
I celebrate and shout
    because you are kind.
You saw all my suffering,
    and you cared for me.
You kept me from the hands
of my enemies,
    and you set me free.

Have pity, Lord!
I am hurting and almost blind.
    My whole body aches.
10 I have known only sorrow
all my life long, and I suffer
    year after year.
I am weak from sin,
    and my bones are limp.

11 My enemies insult me.
Neighbors are even worse,
    and I disgust my friends.
People meet me on the street,
    and they turn and run.
12 I am completely forgotten
like someone dead.
    I am merely a broken dish.
13 I hear the crowds whisper,
    “Everyone is afraid!”
They are plotting and scheming
    to murder me.

14 But I trust you, Lord,
    and I claim you as my God.
15 My life is in your hands.
Save me from enemies
    who hunt me down.
16 Smile on me, your servant.
    Have pity and rescue me.

17 I pray only to you.
    Don't disappoint me.
Disappoint my cruel enemies
until they lie silent
    in their graves.
18 Silence those proud liars!
Make them stop bragging
    and insulting your people.

19 You are wonderful,
    and while everyone watches,
you store up blessings for all
    who honor and trust you.
20 You are their shelter
    from harmful plots,
and you are their protection
    from vicious gossip.

21 I will praise you, Lord,
    for showing great kindness
when I was like a city
    under attack.
22 I was terrified and thought,
“They've chased me
    far away from you!”
But you answered my prayer
    when I shouted for help.

23 (D) All who belong to the Lord,
    show how you love him.
The Lord protects the faithful,
but he severely punishes
    everyone who is proud.
24 All who trust the Lord,
    be cheerful and strong.


  1. 26.3 I am … to you: Or “I trust your faithfulness.”
  2. 27.5 mighty rock: See the note at 18.2.
  3. 28.1 mighty rock: See the note at 18.2.
  4. 29.1 angels: Or “supernatural beings” or “gods.”
  5. 29.2 most … glorious: Or “in his holy place” or “and wear your glorious clothes.”
  6. 29.9 makes … time: Or “twists the oak trees around.”
  7. 29.10 king of the flood: In ancient times the people of Israel believed that a mighty ocean surrounded all of creation, and that God could release the water to flood the earth.
  8. 30.11 sackcloth: A rough, dark-colored cloth made from goat or camel hair and used to make grain sacks. It was worn in times of trouble or sorrow.
  9. 31.2 mighty rock: See the note at 18.2.

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