10 Another Angel appeareth with a cloud, 2 holding a book open, 3 and crieth out. 8 A voice from heaven commandeth John to take the book. 10 He eateth it.

And [a]I saw [b]another mighty Angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud, and the rainbow upon his head, and his face was as the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire.

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  1. Revelation 10:1 Now Saint John passeth unto the other Prophetical history, which is of the Church of God, as I showed that this book should be distinguished, Rev. 4:1. This story reacheth hence unto the two and twentieth Chapter. And this whole Chapter is but a transition from the common history of the world unto that which is particular of the Church. There are in this transition or passage, two preparatives as it were, unto this Church story comprised in this whole Chapter. One is the authority of Christ revealing his mysteries, and calling his servants unto the seventh verse. The other is Saint John’s calling, proper unto this place, and prepared from before unto the end of this chapter. Authority is given unto this Revelation by these things: First, by the appearing from heaven in this habit and countenance, strong, ready, glorious, surveying all things by his providence and governing them by his omnipotence, the first verse. Secondly, that he brought not by chance, but out of a book, this open Revelation, set forth unto the eye, to signify the same unto the sea, and land, as the Lord over all, the second Verse. Thirdly, that he offered the same not whispering or muttering in a corner (as false prophets do) but crying out with a loud voice unto them which sleep, and with a lionish and terrible noise roused the secure: the very thunders themselves giving testimony thereunto, the third Verse. Lastly, for that he confirmed all by an oath, Verses 5, 6, 7.
  2. Revelation 10:1 Christ Jesus, see the seventh Chapter and the second verse.

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