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Lamentations 4:1-9 New English Translation (NET Bible)

The Prophet Speaks:

א (Alef)

Alas! Gold has lost its luster;
pure gold loses value.
Jewels are scattered
on every street corner.

ב (Bet)

The precious sons of Zion
were worth their weight in gold—
Alas!—but now they are treated like broken clay pots,
made by a potter.

ג (Gimel)

Even the jackals nurse their young
at their breast,
but my people are cruel,
like ostriches in the desert.

ד (Dalet)

The infant’s tongue sticks
to the roof of its mouth due to thirst;
little children beg for bread,
but no one gives them even a morsel.

ה (He)

Those who once feasted on delicacies
are now starving to death in the streets.
Those who grew up wearing expensive clothes
are now dying amid garbage.

ו (Vav)

The punishment of my people
exceeded that of of Sodom,
which was overthrown in a moment
with no one to help her.

ז (Zayin)

Her consecrated ones were brighter than snow,
whiter than milk;
their bodies more ruddy than corals,
their hair like lapis lazuli.

ח (Khet)

Now their appearance is darker than soot;
they are not recognized in the streets.
Their skin has shriveled on their bones;
it is dried up, like tree bark.

ט (Tet)

Those who died by the sword are better off
than those who die of hunger,
those who waste away,
struck down from lack of food.

New English Translation (NET)

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