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Be silent! I am the Lord God,
    and the time is near.
I am preparing
to sacrifice my people
    and to invite my guests.

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12 I'll search Jerusalem with lamps
    and punish those people
who sit there unworried
    while thinking,
“The Lord won't do anything,
    good or bad.”
13 Their possessions will be taken,
    their homes left in ruins.
They won't get to live
    in the houses they build,
or drink wine from the grapes
    in their own vineyards.

A Terrible Day

14 The great day of the Lord
    is coming soon, very soon.
On that terrible day,
fearsome shouts of warriors
    will be heard everywhere.
15 It will be a time of anger—
    of trouble and torment,
of disaster and destruction,
    of darkness and despair,
of storm clouds and shadows,
16 of trumpet calls
    and battle cries
against fortified cities
    and mighty fortresses.

17 The Lord warns everyone
    who has sinned against him,
“I'll strike you blind!
Then your blood and your insides
    will gush out like vomit.
18 Not even your silver or gold
can save you on that day
    when I, the Lord, am angry.
My anger will flare up
    like a furious fire
scorching the earth
    and everyone on it.”

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