That land will belong
    to the remnant(A) of the people of Judah;
    there they will find pasture.
In the evening they will lie down
    in the houses of Ashkelon.
The Lord their God will care for them;
    he will restore their fortunes.[a](B)

Moab and Ammon

“I have heard the insults(C) of Moab(D)
    and the taunts of the Ammonites,(E)
who insulted(F) my people
    and made threats against their land.(G)
Therefore, as surely as I live,”
    declares the Lord Almighty,
    the God of Israel,
“surely Moab(H) will become like Sodom,(I)
    the Ammonites(J) like Gomorrah—
a place of weeds and salt pits,
    a wasteland forever.
The remnant of my people will plunder(K) them;
    the survivors(L) of my nation will inherit their land.(M)

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  1. Zephaniah 2:7 Or will bring back their captives

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