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The Lord Tells about the Coming King

(A) Everyone in Jerusalem,
    celebrate and shout!
Your king has won a victory,
    and he is coming to you.
He is humble
    and rides on a donkey;
he comes on the colt
    of a donkey.
10 (B) I, the Lord, will take away
war chariots and horses
    from Israel[a] and Jerusalem.
Bows that were made for battle
    will be broken.
I will bring peace to nations,
and your king will rule
    from sea to sea.
His kingdom will reach
from the Euphrates River
    across the earth.

The Lord Promises To Rescue Captives

11 (C) When I made a sacred agreement
with you, my people,
    we sealed it with blood.[b]
Now some of you are captives
    in waterless pits,
but I will come to your rescue
12     and offer you hope.
Return to your fortress,
because today I will reward you
    with twice what you had.

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  1. 9.10 Israel: The Hebrew text has “Ephraim,” the leading tribe of the northern kingdom of Israel, which sometimes stands for the whole kingdom.
  2. 9.11 agreement … blood: The agreement at Mount Sinai (see Exodus 24.7,8).

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