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The Vision of the Measuring Line

Then I looked up and saw a man holding a line for measuring things. I asked him, “Where are you going?”

He said to me, “I am going to measure Jerusalem, to see how wide and how long it is.”

Then the ·angel [messenger] who was talking with me left, and another ·angel [messenger] came out to meet him. The second ·angel [messenger] said to him, “Run and tell that young man, ‘Jerusalem will become a city without walls, because there will be so many people and ·cattle [livestock] in it. I will be a wall of fire around it,’ says the Lord. ‘And I will be the glory within it.’

“·Oh no! Oh no [or Come! Come; or Up! Up]! Run away from ·Babylon [L the land of the north], because I have scattered you like the four winds of heaven,” says the Lord.

“·Oh no [or Come; or Up], ·Jerusalem [L Zion; C the location of the Temple]! Escape, you who live in ·Babylon [L Daughter Babylon].” This is what the Lord ·All-Powerful [Almighty; of Heaven’s Armies; T of hosts] says: “After ·he has honored me and [or the Glorious One; or for his own glory he] sent me against the nations who ·took your possessions [plundered you]—because whoever touches you ·hurts [L touches] ·what is precious to me [T the apple of his eye; L the pupil/little man of his eye] I will ·shake my hand [raise my fist] against them so that their slaves will ·rob [plunder] them.”

Then you will know that the Lord ·All-Powerful [Almighty; of Heaven’s Armies; T of hosts] sent me.

10 “Shout and be glad, ·Jerusalem [L Daughter Zion]. [L For look/T Behold] I am coming, and I will live among you,” says the Lord. 11 “At that time people from many nations will join with the Lord and will become my people. Then I will live among you, and you will know that the Lord ·All-Powerful [Almighty; of Heaven’s Armies; T of hosts] has sent me to you. 12 The Lord will ·take [possess; inherit] Judah as his own part of the holy land, and ·Jerusalem will be his chosen city again [L will again choose Jerusalem]. 13 Be silent, ·everyone [L all flesh], in the presence of the Lord. He ·is coming [has roused himself] out of ·the holy place where he lives [his holy dwelling].”