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Zechariah 14:12-21 Common English Bible (CEB)

12 This will be the plague with which the Lord will strike all the peoples who
swarmed against Jerusalem:
            their flesh will rot, even while standing on their feet;
            their eyes will rot in their sockets;
            and their tongues will rot in their mouths.
13 On that day, a great panic brought on by the Lord will fall upon them;
        they will all grasp at the hand of their neighbors;
            neighbors will attack each other.
14 Even Judah will fight in Jerusalem.
        The wealth of all the surrounding nations will be collected:
            gold, silver, and a great abundance of garments.
15 This[a] plague will also affect the horses, mules, camels, donkeys, and any cattle in those camps during this plague.

16 All those left from all the nations who attacked Jerusalem will go up annually to pay homage to the king, the Lord of heavenly forces, and to celebrate the Festival of Booths.

17 Whoever among the families of the earth doesn’t go up to Jerusalem to pay homage to the king, the Lord of heavenly forces, upon them no rain will fall.

18 And if the family of Egypt doesn’t go up and doesn’t present itself, then no rain[b] will fall on them. There will[c] be a plague like the one with which the Lord struck the nations that didn’t go up to celebrate the Festival of Booths.

19 This would be the sin of Egypt and the sin of all the nations who don’t go up to celebrate the Festival of Booths.

20 On that day, Holy to the Lord will be inscribed[d] on the bells of the horses,
        and the pots in the Lord’s house will be holy[e] like the bowls before the altar.
21 Every pot in Jerusalem and in Judah will be holy to the Lord of heavenly forces.
        All those who sacrifice will come.
        They will take some of the pots and cook with them.
            There will no longer be any merchants[f] in the house of the Lord of heavenly forces on that day.


  1. Zechariah 14:15 Heb lacks this, cf 14:12.
  2. Zechariah 14:18 Heb lacks rain.
  3. Zechariah 14:18 Or will not.
  4. Zechariah 14:20 Heb lacks inscribed.
  5. Zechariah 14:20 Heb lacks holy.
  6. Zechariah 14:21 Heb Canaanite
Common English Bible (CEB)

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