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God of my fathers, and Lord of mercy, that madest all things by thy word [or with thy word],

and ordainedest man by thy wisdom, that he should be lord of (the) creature(s), which is made of (or by) thee, [and with thy wisdom ordainedest man, that he should lordship of the creature, that of thee is made,]

that he dispose the world in equity and rightfulness [or rightwiseness], and deem doom in right ruling of heart;

give thou to me wisdom, that standeth nigh (to) thy seats; and do not thou reprove me from (among) thy children.

For I am thy servant, and the son of thine handmaid; I am a sick [or a feeble] man, and of little time, and less to the understanding of doom and of laws.

And if any man is perfect among the sons of me, if thy wisdom fleeth away from him, he shall be reckoned into nought.

Forsooth thou hast chosen me (to be a) king to thy people, and a judge [or (a) doomsman] of thy sons and daughters;

and thou saidest, that I should build a temple in thine holy hill, and an altar in the city of thy dwelling place; the likeness of thine holy tabernacle, which thou madest ready at the beginning [or that thou preparedest from the beginning].

And thy wisdom is with thee, that knoweth thy works, which also was present then, when thou madest the world, and knew what was pleasant (or pleasing) to thine eyes, and what was (ad)dressed, (or directed), [or right] in thy commandments.

10 Send thou that wisdom from thine holy heavens, and from the seat of thy greatness, (so) that it be with me, and travail with me; and that I know what is acceptable [or allowed] with thee.

11 For why that wisdom knoweth and understandeth all things; and it shall lead me forth in my works soberly, and it shall keep me in his power.

12 And my works shall be acceptable, and I shall dispose thy people justly [or rightwisely], and I shall be worthy of the seats (or of the seat) of my father.

13 For who of men may know the counsel of God? either who may think, what (is the) will (of) God?

14 For why the thoughts of deadly (or of mortal) men be dreadful (or fearful), and our purveyances be uncertain.

15 For why the body that is corrupt[ed], grieveth the soul; and (the) earthly dwelling presseth down the wit, thinking many things.

16 And of hard we guess those things, that be in (or on) (the) earth; and we find with travail those things, that be in beholding. But who shall search those things, that be in (the) heavens? [or That forsooth in heavens be, who shall ensearch?]

17 But who shall know thy wit, no but thou give wisdom/but if thou give wisdom, and send thine Holy Spirit from (the) highest things?

18 And if the paths of them, that be in lands, be amended, and if men have learned those things, that please thee. For why, Lord, whichever pleased thee from the beginning, were made whole by wisdom.