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Therefore wisdom stretcheth forth from the end till to the end strongly, and disposeth all things sweetly. [Therefore it attaineth from end unto end strongly, and disposeth all things sweetly.]

I loved this wisdom made, and I sought it out from my youth; and I sought to take it (as) a spousess to me, and I am made a lover of the fairness thereof. [This I loved, and sought it out from my youth; and I sought to take it (as) a spouse to me, and lover I am made of the form of it.]

He that hath the fellowship of God, glorifieth the gentleness thereof; but also the Lord of all things loved it. [It having the company of God, glorifieth the gentleness of it; but and of all things the Lord loved it.]

For it is the teacheress of the learning [or of the discipline] of God, and chooseress of his works.

And if riches be coveted [or be desired] in life, what is richer than wisdom, that worketh all things?

Soothly if wit worketh, who is a craftsmaker more than wisdom, of these things that be? [If forsooth wit worketh, who of (all) these that be, more is (a)craftsman than it?]

And if a man loveth rightfulness, the travails of this wisdom have great virtues; for it teacheth soberness, and prudence, and rightfulness, and virtue; and nothing is profitabler than these in life to men. [And if rightwiseness a man loveth, the travails of this have great virtues; soberness forsooth and prudence it teacheth, and rightwiseness, and virtue; than the which more profitable nothing is in life to men.]

And if a man desireth (a) multitude of cunning (or much knowing), wisdom knoweth things (which have) passed, and guesseth of things to coming; it knoweth the fellnesses or falsenesses of words, and (the) assoilings of arguments; it knoweth signs and showings of things to coming, before that they be made [or the tokens and wonders it knoweth, ere they be done]; and the befallings [or chances] of times and of worlds.

Therefore I purposed to bring to me this wisdom [or Then I purposed this to bring to me], to live together (with me); witting that it shall commune with me of goods (or about good things), and speaking together of (or about) my thought(s), and of mine annoyances, (or about my troubles), shall be.

10 For this wisdom I shall have clearness at (or with) companies, and honour at (or with) (the) elder men; [I have for this to companies clearness, and worship with the elders;]

11 I shall be found young and sharp in doom (or in judgement), and in the sight of mighty men I shall be wonderful, and the faces of princes shall worship me. [young and sharp I shall be found in doom, and in the sight of mighty men marvellous I shall be, and the faces of princes shall marvel (at) me.]

12 They shall abide me, being still, and they shall behold me, speaking; and the while I speak many things, they shall set (their) hands on their mouth(s). [They shall sustain me, being still, and me speaking, behold; and me sermoning many things, hands to their mouth they shall put.]

13 Furthermore by this wisdom I shall have undeadliness (or immortality); and I shall leave everlasting mind to them, that shall come after me.

14 I shall dispose peoples; and nations shall be subject to me.

15 Hideous kings hearing me shall dread (or fear); and in (the) multitude I shall be seen good, and strong in battle.

16 I shall enter into mine house, and I shall rest with wisdom; for the conversation thereof hath no bitterness, and the dwelling together thereof hath none annoyance (or troubles), but gladness and joy.

17 I thought these things at (or within) me, and I remembered in mine heart; for why wisdom is undeadly (or immortal) in thought [or for undeadly is wisdom in thinking],

18 and good delighting is in the friendship thereof; and honesty (or honour) without default is in the works of (the) hands thereof; and wisdom is in the strife of (the) speech thereof; and great clearness is in the communing of (the) words thereof; I went about, seeking to take wisdom to me. [and in the friendship of it good delighting; and in the works of the hands of it honesty without failing, and in the strife of the speech of it wisdom; and great opening in communication of the words of it; I went about, seeking that to me it I should take.]

19 Forsooth I was a witty child, and I got a good soul.

20 And when I was more good, I came to a body undefouled.

21 And as I knew, that else I may not be chaste, no but God give it, and this same thing was wisdom, to know whose this gift was; I went to the Lord, and I besought him, and I said, of (or with) all mine entrails (of mine heart). [And as I knew, for otherwise I may not be continent, either chaste, but God give, and that self was wisdom, to know of whom was that gift; I went to the Lord, and prayed him and said, of all the entrails of mine heart.]