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Tobit 9 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

Then Tobias called to him(self) (Raphael) the angel, whom soothly he guessed (to be) a man. And Tobias said to him, Azarias, brother, I ask of thee, that thou harken (to) my words.

If I shall betake or Though I betake myself (as) [a] servant to thee, yet I shall not by my cunning, (or by my knowing, or my knowledge), be even worthy to thy purveyance, or wisdom.

Nevertheless I beseech thee, that thou take to (or with) thee (some) beasts, either (or and some) servants, and go thou to Gabael into Rages, a city of Media, and yield or betake thou to him his obligation; and take of (or from) him the money that he oweth to my father, and pray him to come to my weddings. [Neverthelater I beseech thee, that thou take to thee beasts, or services, and go to Gabael into Rages, city of Media, and yield to him his writ; and thou shalt receive of him money, and pray him to come to my bridals.]

For thou knowest, that my father numbereth the days of our journey, and if I [shall] tarry one day more, his soul [or his life] shall be made sorry.

And certainly thou seest, how Raguel hath charged me to dwell here with him, whose charging I may not despise.

Then Raphael took four of the servants of Raguel, and two camels, and went into Rages, a city of Media, and he found Gabael, and gave to him his obligation [or his writ], and received of (or from) him all the money;

and he showed (or told) to him of (or about) Tobias, the son of Tobit, and all (the) things that were done. And he made Gabael to come with him to the weddings [or to the bridals].

And when Gabael entered into the house of Raguel, he found Tobias sitting at the meat (or the meal); and he skipped up/and Tobias rose up anon (or at once), and they kissed themselves together (or and they greeted each other).

And Gabael wept, and blessed God, and said, The Lord God of Israel bless thee, for thou art the son of a full good man, and just [or rightwise], and dreading God, and doing alms-deeds;

10 and the blessing of God be brought or come upon thy wife, and upon your fathers and mothers, [and be there said blessing upon thy wife, and upon your fathers and mothers,]

11 and see ye your sons, and the sons of your sons, till into [or unto] the third and the fourth generation; and your seed be blessed of (or by) (the) God of Israel, that reigneth into worlds of worlds, or without end, (or forevermore).

12 And when all men had said Amen, they went to the feast or to (the) meat (or to the meal); and they used the feast of those weddings with the dread of the Lord. [And when all had said Amen, they went to the feast; but and with the dread of the Lord they enhaunted the feast of bridals.]


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